The Manifesto of A Hopeful Home

Hi friends!

Welcome to my very first blogpost on A Hopeful Home. What better moment than this one to share the manifesto of a Hopeful Home? Whenever I write something new or make a decision on where I want to go with the website, this is what it’s alll about. The heart and the why behind A Hopeful Home.

What is a home?

When I think of a home then I think of a peaceful haven. I am not saying that it always is, but it is what a home is supposed to be. It is supposed to be the place where you can be at ease, where you can withdraw from the world full of challenges, where you love and where you build sweet memories.

How to get there?

To get there, it takes time and effort. It takes intentional choices. It takes good communication and forgiveness.

How lovely would it be to have a home that truly makes you, your husband and your (future) kids think: I can’t wait to get home. And do not stop there, how awesome would it be if even your friends and family members feel at ease and welcome at your house.

If your house really feels like home to you and your little family and you add a little hospitality to it, then it will.

The home design aspect.

With all that in mind, a home, just like a house, has to be built. It isn’t *poof* just there. There are different aspects to that.

The first aspect is what I mentioned before. Time, intentional choices, good communication, and forgiveness. This is the most important aspect.

And then there is a second aspect. One that is less important, but definitely can add something to your home. That aspect is home design.

When one looks at the interior and the garden, there are things that can be done to make a home even more cosy. There are things that you can do to make the house fulfill the needs of those in it. It is all about making the best of what you got.

In this blog I hope to show you how we build our home. And by doing that I hope to inspire you to take a good look at your home and think: how can I make this more of a peaceful haven to me, my family and my friends?

It doesn’t have to be picture-perfect. It has to be a home that works financially, practically, and aesthetically for you and your family.

‘Peace be to this house’
Luke 10:5


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