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We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Review

Two formats of deodorant, stick and tin. We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Review by a Hopeful Home.

If you tuned in on this blog last Saturday, then you know why I think you should consider using a natural deodorant. In this post I will tell you all about the natural deodorant I decided to go for. Continue to read this We Love The Planet natural deodorant review.

If you have missed my last blog post, which goes into detail about what the difference between deodorant and antiperspirants is and why antiperspirants are bad for you, head over to that blog post here!

Why did I go for this natural deodorant

After I had done my research and knew that I wanted to go for a natural deodorant, it was time to pick a product. Something that is easier said than done. Similar to the shampoo and conditioner bars that I use, the options were pretty overwhelming.

Once I established that I wanted to avoid plastic packaging, the options were narrowed down. In the last post, I labeled aluminum free deodorants, natural deodorants, but I want to add an extra requirement to deodorant to be natural. For me, it has to be fragrance-free to be fully called natural, since man-made scents can be extremely toxic.

On Amazon I found the brand We Love The Planet and I noticed that their deodorants either have cardboard or tin packaging. I decided to research them a bit more and found out that they are actually from the Netherlands!

They offer six different smells: Sweet Serenity, Mighty Mint, So Sensitive, Forever Fresh, Original Orange and Lovely Lavender.

The Mighty Mint smell spoke to me, but before I ordered it I wanted to double check their ingredients. For this I used the ‘Clean Beauty’ app on my phone. The Clean Beauty app allows you to identify controversial ingredients, allergens and ingredients banned in Europe in all your beauty and hygiene products. Al you need to do is take a picture of the ingredient list and it will identify the ingredients for you.

Products of which I thought were quite natural, turned out to have a lot of bad ingredients in them. I have found this app very useful in my journey of using more natural self-care products.

My Mighty mint natural deodorant review

I decided to try the deodorant stick first. It arrived very fast and once I opened the package I was so delighted with the smell. It smells so fresh and minty! Using a stick rather than a spray was a big change for me.

This is not going to sound very flattering, but I am going to be honest: my armpits were quite sweaty, sore and red in the beginning. This confused me and made me panic a little bit. Was I making a mistake? Was I doing my body more harm than good?

But then I found this article by Jenna Kutcher and I felt like I could relax a bit. She experienced it too! Her article also made me realize that I was using too much deodorant.

This article explains why your body reacts the way it does when you use natural deodorants. As I said in my previous blog post, antiperspirants block your armpits from sweating. This causes a lot of build up of toxics, bacteria and whatnot underneath your skin.

So what logically happens when you don’t use antiperspirants anymore is that your skin ‘unclogs’. Your skin finally breathes and is getting rid of any trapped garbage! So even though this sounds and feels a bit nasty, it is doing your body a lot of good. It stops after a couple of days or weeks depending on your body. After a while, you should start sweating less than you did before using natural deodorant.

So what about the sore and red skin then? This again is caused by that unclogging. When your armpits can finally push that garbage out, your lymph nodes, which are responsible for doing all that filtering, can become inflamed as they get overloaded with years worth of inflammatory waste. This too should go away after a couple of weeks.

If it does, however, stay sore it might be possible that you are sensitive to baking soda. Luckily there are natural deodorants out there that don’t contain baking soda, for example, the ‘So Sensitive‘ deodorant by We Love The Planet!

Tin format deodorant. We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Review by a Hopeful Home.

After a couple of weeks, my detox symptoms stopped and I very much started to enjoy using the deodorant. I was noticing progress! My skin has gotten more soft, less itchy and I barely need to apply deodorant now.

The stick lasted me a good four months, something which I was really pleased about. It made me realize that even though this natural deodorant is a bit more expensive than a mainstream spray deodorant, it actually balances out quite well because of how long the natural deodorant lasts.

With the stick format I did, however, notice that some of the deodorant went to waste with me. Snippets of the deodorant get stuck in between the tube and the cover and eventually fall off.

That is why I ordered the cream after finishing the stick. I have been using the cream for two weeks now and it works very well. Since it is a cream that you have to apply manually, I feel like you have more control over the amount that you use and where you apply it. I don’t see how this format could cause any waste of the deodorant either. The tin is small, so it is very easy to take in a handbag.

I don’t know how long this cream will last me, but I imagine it will last for at least three months as well. I will update this blog post when I have finished it. (UPDATE: It lasted for nearly four months!)

The only thing that I had to get used to is the fact that you apply it manually. Especially when you apply some of the deodorant during or near the end of the day, you will want to wash your hands after applying the deodorant.

All in all I would definitely recommend this deodorant! Both formats have more pros (way more!) than cons and they last a very long time. I haven’t tried any of the other smells yet, but I am very keen to do so in the future. I especially want to try the So Sensitive deodorant to see if that works even better for me and my sensitive skin.

Are you using a natural deodorant yet? And if so what are your experiences with it?!

Much love,

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  1. Sian Munday says:

    Love my new tin of ‘Sweet Serenity ‘deodorant! It has a beautiful fragrance of a mixture of roses, honey and herbs. I use a tissue to put it on as it spreads a lot better this way.A little expensive but well worth the money as the fragrance lasts all day!

    1. I am so happy you like it! And I am so happy it lasts well! 🙂

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