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Wooden Hair Brush Review – The Benefits and TEK

A wooden hair brush is worth investing in. Today I discuss the benefits and my favourite brand, TEK. Read on for a wooden hair brush review.

Header image tek brush and comb. Wooden hair brush review by a Hopeful Home.

Lately I’ve felt the urge to review some of my favourite natural and sustainable products. That may be caused by the fact that my review of my favourite natural deodorant is my most popular blog post. I am still amazed by how many of you have seen it and how often it’s viewed. DAILY. I decided to listen to that.

Clearly there’s a need for more honest reviews on natural and sustainable products. A lot of you, like me, hope to find those life changing products that work, are REALLY natural, and won’t break the bank.

You want to use natural and sustainable products but you need someone to tell you what’s good (or even what’s bad). And I want to help where I can, by sharing my experiences.

You may have missed it, but last week I reviewed Ecozone soap nuts. I’ve used them for over 8 months now and I realised I’d never shared my experiences with them. That was silly! I’ve been recommending them to family and friends. But then completely forgot to share about them with you, my online friends!

So if you want to find a natural, sustainable, and super affordable laundry detergent. Make sure to have a look at that.

At least I can say that I have used them for a good while before reviewing them. Which is one of the requirements I have set for myself. When I share products I want to FULLY stand behind them and I want to have used them for a longer period of time. Because sometimes, results or issues don’t appear until after using a product for a while.

Same applies to my TEK hair products. I’ve had my wooden hair brush from TEK for 4 years now and I am a massive fan. Before I go into that a bit more, I want to tell you why investing in a good wooden brush is worth it. So without further ado, let’s take a look at those benefits.


I very much remember the day that I started to consider buying a wooden brush. I’d watched this video from Holistic Habits. The creator of Holistic Habits has beautiful hair. And in the video she mentioned her hair care essentials.

At that time my hair care routine definitely needed improvement. It took me a good two years since that moment to find the natural shampoo and conditioner bar that WORK for me.

But it was after that video that I started to consider investing in the TEK wooden brush. I use the word investing because these wooden brushes are a lot more expensive than your mainstream plastic hair brushes.

Back then I couldn’t find TEK brushes anywhere in the Netherlands, I still lived there at the time. I had to buy them from the official shop in Italy. So it felt like a big decision and I needed some convincement. Reading about these benefits definitely pulled me over the line (when I mention the benefits of using a wooden brush, it also applies to wooden combs!).


When you use a wooden brush, one of the very first things you’ll notice is that it feels like giving your scalp a massage! It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s very beneficial for your scalp too. As the wooden pins massage your scalp, the blood circulation and healthy oil production increases.


This scalp massage has another major benefit. It stimulates the follicles to produce more hair strands. Which increases hair growth and produces thicker hair.


A wooden brush, as opposed to a synthetic brush, distributes natural oils from the scalp evenly throughout the length of your hair. Which is what you want because these oils are your body’s amazing way of conditioning your hair. Instead of a greasy scalp with dry hair ends, your entire hair length will look moisturised and shiny.

Have you ever heard of that old wives tale of brushing your hair 100 times a day? It’s said to originate from that time when women only washed their hair once a week or even less. The reasoning behind that tale was that it would get rid of the dirt AND it spread the natural oils from the scalp. They were onto something there!


Wooden brushes don’t create any static and they are less damaging to your hair. This because of the material and the pins being further apart. On top of that, if you have allergic reactions to plastic or metal, this brush should avoid that too.


Wooden brushes and combs are super strong and durable. They rarely break and even when they do they are recyclable.


Close up tek hair brush and comb. Wooden hair brush review by a hopeful home.

Are you ready to invest in a wooden hair brush or comb yet? Then I highly recommend the brand TEK. TEK has increased in popularity since I bought my brush. So you can now buy their products on Amazon and many other online shops too.

Their brushes and combs are made from ash wood. The pins are made from hornbeam wood. And the pneumatic support, so that rubber looking bit that holds the pins, is made from natural caucciù. I myself had to check what that is and whether it’s an eco friendly material. It’s a natural rubber. This website explained it in detail.

On the TEK website you’ll be able to find different types of brushes. The type of brush you’ll need depends on your type of hair. The description of the brushes will tell you which hair types match with them. But this video is very useful if you’d like some explanation.

I for example have medium long and fine hair. So I chose a big brush with short pins.

When it arrived, one of the pins broke off when using it. As in it detached from the rubber part and it was impossible to reattach it. I emailed them about it and I’m afraid I never got a response. So that was a bit of a meh when you look at customer service. But there have been no other problems with the brush. I like the brush so much that I was willing to overlook that and to still recommend it to you.

The brush has done my hair and scalp a lot of good. Yes, it is a bit of an investment at first. But I have never felt that it wasn’t worth the money or have regretted buying it. I feel like I’ve invested in a high quality piece that will serve me (and Nathan, yes he uses it too!) for many years to come.

Since last Christmas, thanks to my sweet sister and brother in law, I also have a TEK comb. The comb is great for combing wet hair or for spreading a hair mask through my hair.

So there you have it, my wooden hair brush review! I hope it was useful to you and please do share any other good brands in the comments or ask questions if you have them.

Much love,


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