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DIY Super Easy Jar Label Remover

Featured picture. DIY Super Easy Jar Label Remover by a Hopeful Home.

As I was looking at our kitchen counter, I felt annoyed. Annoyed with the jars that were clean, yet not fully ready to be put away in my jar box. Why?

Because of the tricky job that was awaiting me: removing the jar labels. A job that I always find such a hassle. But, no more! I have found the way to get rid of those jar labels. Read on to find out how to make a super easy jar label remover with only two ingredients.

Jars are useful. They are useful when you like to grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs because during the growing season you need something to preserve the harvest in. They are also useful if you like making your own self-care products, because jars are the most sustainable and attractive way to store them. I like jars, but I do not like labels. The labels are my enemy.

How to remove the label

Very sometimes soaking the jars with hot water does the trick. There is nothing as satisfying as getting that label off in one go, but usually, it is a bit trickier.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a good way to remove the sticky glue, but you will end up with a jar smelling of Eucalyptus. When I read about the label jar remover that I am about to share with you, I was skeptical. I couldn’t believe that it would be so effective. I am happy to announce that it is and that is why I had to share it with you.

All you will need is bicarbonate of soda, oil (I used olive oil) and a jar to store it in. Only two ingredients! I buy my bicarbonate of soda in the Home Bargains, it is quite cheap there.

You will want to fill the jar with a more or less even amount of bicarbonate of soda and oil. I filled mine with 100 grams of bicarb and 60 milliliters of olive oil. I noticed that the olive oil would float on top the first day, but the second day it seemed as if the bicarb had absorbed the oil better. Mix the ingredients together and there you have it, your very own jar label remover!

Applying the jar label remover. DIY Super Easy Jar Label Remover by a Hopeful Home.

So how does it work?

I still soak my jars in hot water first. I remove as much of the label as possible after the water has cooled down. After that put some of the mixture on the areas with label or glue residue.

Leave it for the night and scrub it off with hot water the next morning. It should go off completely!

I found this recipe thanks to Allison from the Instagram Nonlocal.Joy (find her here) and she mentions that it is also possible to leave the mixture on for only two hours. I tried both methods, but I did find it more effective after letting it soak for the night.

So there you have it, a very simple way to make your own jar label remover. If you like easy and effective natural cleaning remedies for your home, then you will like my 3 natural remedies to clean the kitchen.

I hope this label remover works for you and if you know any other effective ways to remover labels, please do let me know in the comments!

Much love,

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