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3 Natural Cleaning Remedies for Your Kitchen

Featured Image. 3 Natural Cleaning Remedies for Kitchen by a Hopeful Home.

November last year I cleared out a neglected cupboard next to our fireplace. I wanted to create a place to store our board games (read about that here). The cupboard was dusty, spidery and it needed a lot of elbow grease before I deemed it clean enough for storage! I used a store-bought cleaning spray to clean it.

After cleaning for a while, I noticed that I was getting light-headed and started to cough a lot. I realized that the chemicals in the spray were causing it and I didn’t like that idea at all!

Since then I’ve tried to implement non-toxic alternatives to my cleaning routine. Today I will tell you about three easy non-toxic ways to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. I won’t be covering all bases, because cleaning the oven needs a blog post in itself! I will, however, share 3 natural cleaning remedies for your kitchen. They are simple, quick, and very easy to implement in your cleaning routine.

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Non-toxic all-purpose spray cleaner

I have mentioned this spray before when I made it for the very first time. I have been using it nonstop since then and I am a big fan. It’s easy to make, the ingredients are cheap and it smells great. I found the recipe in the *Hello Glow book by Stephanie Gerber. (If you want to know where I get my glassware, head over to this blog post in which I tell you all about it!)

All purpose spray cleaner. 3 Natural Cleaning Remedies for Kitchen by a Hopeful Home.

Al you’ll need is:

– 60 ml distilled vinegar (I buy mine in the Aldi)
– 360 ml distilled water (I boil water, allow it to fully cool down and then use it)
– 1 tsp of lavender essential oil
– 475 ml spray bottle

Combine all of the ingredients in the spray bottle and voila you have your very own non-toxic cleaning spray.

Herby kitchen room and linen spray

The all-purpose spray cleaner will make your kitchen smell lovely, but often I feel like adding some extra freshness. After wiping everything down, I spritz about five pumps of the herby kitchen room and linen spray around the kitchen to do just that.

Non-toxic ways to keep your kitchen clean and fresh

I developed this room and linen spray in 2018 when we were still living in the suburbs of Cardiff. Back then my love for essential oils and nice smells really kicked off and caused me to create five natural room and linen sprays.

For this herby spray, rosemary has been blended with eucalyptus, lemon, and spearmint. You can find the herby room and linen spray in the webshop and the Etsy Store.

A simple and quick way to clean your microwave

Microwaves can be a pain to clean. Since we heat a lot of leftovers in our microwave, a weekly clean is needed! There are ways to make the process of cleaning a microwave more ‘fun’ and easy. The following method is definitely one of them.

Microwave cleaner. 3 Natural Cleaning Remedies for Kitchen by a Hopeful Home.

Slice a lemon in half and put one half in a microwave-safe bowl. Fill the bowl with water and add three drops of lemon essential oil to it. Microwave the bowl for four minutes and then use a wet cloth to wipe everything down. The steam will have loosened up those grimy bits and the lemon (essential oil) will make it all smell nice and fresh.

There we are, three natural cleaning remedies to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. I myself still have a lot to improve and will share every useful non-toxic method I try and approve of. What is your favourite non-toxic way to clean your kitchen?

Much love,

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