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Personal Christmas Tree Decorations

Fi-na-lly some progress. Ideally I would have started decorating our home for Christmas at the 1st of December, but life happened and it took us a good while to actually set up the Christmas tree. In fact, it didn’t happen until the 16th of December! For a little moment I even thought: should we still bother? What a grinchy thought, isn’t it?! But at last, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. Read on to see our very personal Christmas tree decorations.

I am so extremely glad we took an evening to get decorating. Binding the Christmas tree on top of our car roof and driving home wondering whether the Christmas tree would fall off the roof… Playing some Christmas songs and unpacking our Christmas decorations box while uttering a lot of oo’s and aa’s… And looking at that finished Christmas tree… Those things made it so worth it. As we were decorating our Christmas tree this absolute sense of gratefulness came over me.

The Christmas tree. Personal Christmas Tree Decorations by a Hopeful Home.

A year ago, we were only just married and the only Christmas tree decoration we really had was a key hanger we bought in Chamonix, France. We were engaged back then and came up with the idea to buy something for our Christmas tree every time we would visit a new country (or place) together.

Chamonix decoration. Personal Christmas Tree Decorations by a Hopeful Home.

With cash not being flush last December, we visited the nearest B&M and bought a bunch of plastic baubles and allowed ourselves to pick a couple of ‘special’ baubles. This year, however, there was no need to buy new decorations. They were right there waiting for us in our Christmas decorations box. On top of that, we had gathered (and been given) a couple of decorations throughout the year on special occasions and holidays.

Wedding bauble. Personal Christmas Tree Decorations by a Hopeful Home.
This Christmas bauble was given to us as a wedding present and it has the year of our wedding on it. I absolutely love it!
Slowakian bell.
This Christmas bauble was bought in Slowakia last summer when we were visiting Moldova for a wedding (and were taking our time to get back home) I absolutely love it and I use it as a ‘gather for food’ bell :p
Felt polar bear decoration. Personal Christmas Tree Decorations by a Hopeful Home.
I bought this for Nathan (he loves polar bears) in the Netherlands during our first visit to my family as a married couple!
Louvre, Paris star decoration. Personal Christmas Tree Decorations by a Hopeful Home.
We bought this one in the Louvre in one of our favourite cities, Paris!
Grandmothers Christmas stall.
This Christmas stall was bought by my mother when I and my sisters were still young. We never used to play with it and didn’t care much for it, but I absolutely love it now! And I love the idea of one day passing this on, if we are blessed, to our kids.
Polar bear wall decoration.
You would think that this is a typical Christmas decoration, but to be honest… This bear guards our lounge all year round!

Being able to look at those decorations and remembering where and when we bought them was so special. Also, comparing our situation this year to the one last year was so mind-blowing. In our day to day life, it is very easy to forget how many blessings and provisions have been given to us.

And so as I was proudly looking at our Christmas tree which isn’t the ‘fullest’ Christmas tree and which doesn’t have fancy glass baubles or even a treetop, I thought: it is perfect.

I thanked God for all that He has blessed us with thus far and I couldn’t help but be curious about what type of year I would be looking back at next Christmas.

Much love, Jenna

Update 31-12-2020: What a year has it been since this post! Read my 2020 Christmas post here.

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