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5 Straightforward Chicken Breast Dinners

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I don’t know about you, but shopping nowadays makes me quite edgy. It’s not the supermarket itself. The Aldi we always go to has adapted to the new situation very well. It’s the limited time you get in the shop, the non-ability to turn back if you forgot something, and having to be aware of not spreading or receiving the Coronavirus.

Usually, I am a huge fan of meal planning. I talked about the planning method that makes it possible for me to shop only once every two weeks before. The current situation, however, doesn’t make it doable to search for very specific ingredients.

It’s now all about those basic ingredients that I can get my hands on and improvising meals at home. Read on to find 5 straightforward chicken breast dinners that you can make for dinner during this lockdown (and any other evening)!

Basic ingredients

When I pick protein sources for dinner I usually go for chicken breast, minced beef, and fish from the freezer. Next to that I always love to have a well-stocked pantry when it comes to baking supplies. Since you never know when you want to bake!

So I will be dedicating four blog posts to easy lockdown meals. The first three blogposts will be dedicated to, you probably guessed it, chicken breast, minced beef, and fish. The fourth blog post will be about 5 easy things to bake at home.

I have been very strict when picking the recipes and wanted to make sure that the ingredients would be very simple. As an enthusiast Aldi shopper, I wanted to make sure that the ingredients are to be found in the Aldi or can be made at home.

5 straightforward chicken breast dinners

Chicken enchiladas. Five Straightforward Chicken Breast Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

Easy 5 ingredient chicken enchiladas

Enchiladas… they are great, yet I always forget to make them! This recipe requires enchilada sauce. I never have enchilada sauce at hand, so I almost skipped over this recipe. But behold! I found a very easy enchilada sauce recipe that justifies adding this recipeinto this post. Mexican cheese? I’d use any cheese I have at hand and really any type of wrap would do wouldn’t it?!

Find the chicken enchilada recipe here.

One pot curried coconut chicken. Five Straightforward Chicken Breast Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

One-Pot curried coconut chicken

Ok, so this recipe is a bit of a sneaky one, because really… if you add rice to the meal then it won’t be a one-pot meal will it?! But the ingredients are simple and I am sure it makes a lovely meal. Some of the Yummly reviews mention that it needs a bit more flavour though. So if you like a lot of flavour you could add more garlic or extra spices.

When Nathan and I have curry (which is almost weekly) we like to make our own naan bread. It is very simple to make (it’s made of only two ingredients) and it makes the whole meal feel like a party!

Do you want to try homemade naan bread? Find the naan bread recipe here. We usually keep it simple and only add Italian herbs or mixed herbs to the olive oil. It tastes great like that.

Find the curried coconut chicken recipe here.

Crispy parmesan garlic chicken with courgette. Five Straightforward Chicken Breast Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

Crispy parmesan garlic chicken with courgette

Last time I went shopping I noticed two new options in the vegetable department. Courgettes and aubergines had appeared out of nowhere! Even though I have barely ever cooked with them, I felt like switching things up so it was great to spot them. This recipe incorporates zucchini or courgette.

Again it is a ‘one pan’ recipe so hurray fewer dishes! The recipe does require Italian bread crumbs which I usually don’t have at hand. I have, however, found a very simple recipe to make it at home!

Find the crispy parmesan garlic chicken recipe here.

Creamy tuscan chicken. Five Straightforward Chicken Breast Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

Creamy tuscan chicken

Since this recipe is an American recipe it asks for heavy cream. I’d say double cream is the British version of that. The recipe suggests to have broccoli rice or zucchini noodles as a side since it is a low carb website. Regular rice or spaghetti can be used instead.

Find the creamy tuscan chicken recipe here.

Chicken brushetta pasta. Five Straightforward Chicken Breast Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

Chicken brushetta pasta

Last but not least I HAD to add a pasta dish to the five easy lockdown meal with chicken breast selection. This recipe looks delicious and really any type of pasta you have on hand could be used with it. Haven’t got fresh basil? This blog post shows a useful infographic on how to substitute fresh herbs with dry herbs (how much) and vice versa.

Find the chicken brushetta pasta recipe here.

Searching for these recipes inspired me and I sure hope they will inspire you too. Make sure to tune in on Monday for 5 easy lockdown meals with minced beef.

Much love,

P.s. If you need more inspiration, make sure to check Yummly. It’s a great website and app where you can fill in an ingredient (or several) and it will search for recipes with those in it!