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February Vintage Homeware Restock

Stock picture February vintage homeware restock by a Hopeful Home.

February vintage homeware restock. It’s here! And this time it’s all about those romantic blue and white items. Inspired by my current favourite vintage homeware shop @havenberryvintage I also, for the very first time, have two ironstone items (thank you for the inspiration Renee!).

As always, I love every. single. item. I always say to Nathan that I rather have 10 items that I fully stand behind. Than 20 items that I’m not sure about. I aim to pick items that could be valuable and hopefully cherished additions to your homes.

With the current lockdown, as a vintage homeware-dealer, it’s tricky to get new stock. Carboot sales, thrift stores, and auctions haven’t been as accessible as I’d like. And o how I miss it! I happened to build up some stock in December. So I am super relieved to say that I’ll be able to restock in March as well. Since spring is coming, expect that restock to be a bit more floral and colourful ๐Ÿ™‚

One really fun part of this whole ‘vintage item selling’-experience is finding out the history behind the items. When were they made? Where do they come from? What was their use?

After some research, I found out that a few of the items are over 100 years old. How cool is that?!


Silver plated sugar shaker February Vintage Homeware Restock by A Hopeful Home.

This silver-plated sugar shaker was produced by Ashberry. Phillip Ashberry began making spoons in 1829. From 1856 he started working together with his son(s) and the company was renamed Philip Ashberry & Sons.

During the Victorian era, shakers were used to sprinkle sugar or cinnamon and sugar on bread or muffins.

This ceramic meat platter was produced by F Winkle & Co (Ltd). It has a lovely floral blue and white ‘Florence’-pattern.

It’s estimated to be from around 1911.

Antique ceramic meat platter February Vintage Homeware Restock by A Hopeful Home.
Silver plated condiment cruet set February Vintage Homeware Restock by a Hopeful Home.

This silver plated condiment cruet set with cut glass is estimated to be from around 1930.

A cruet also known as a caster, is a small container to hold condiments such as oil, vinegar, mustard, and pepper.ย The very first cruet sets were produced from the beginning of the 18th century. They were named Warwick cruets, after a cruet set that had been made for the Duke of Warwick in 1715.

I can’t wait to see which homes are going to continue their stories ๐Ÿ™‚

Visit the webshop to find more details about the items in this February vintage homeware restock.

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