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The Best Stovetop Popcorn Recipe

Learn how to make the best stovetop popcorn you’ll ever come across. It’s easy, cheap, and so quick. The best part? You get to flavour it.

Main image the best stovetop popcorn by a hopeful home.

If I had to pick my current favourite Friday night snack, then it would definitely be homemade salty popcorn. I absolutely CRAVE it sometimes. Because I try to limit popcorn to the weekends (notice how I say try there, ahemm) it feels like a real treat when I get to make and eat it.

For the past years I had the tendency to buy microwaveable popcorn. Why? It may have to do with the fact that I had a go at making salty dark chocolate popcorn years ago and it was such a hassle. After that experiment, quick and easy were not words I associated with homemade popcorn.

Fun fact, I ended up eating the entire bowl of salty dark chocolate popcorn and actually went sick after that. Oops! What can I say… I love my popcorn.

A few months ago I kind of started playing around with this idea again to have a go at making homemade popcorn again. We were literally consuming microwaveable popcorn every weekend and I couldn’t ignore the fact that it’s well… not great for you. As in, there are said to be some nasty chemicals in there.

I’m wholly convinced that, in general, the more natural something is (or the closer to how God created it) the healthier it is for you. So I went on the hunt for the best stovetop popcorn recipe. After some testing and even more simplifying, this. is. it.

There’s no risk of burning anything. Most, if not all, popcorn kernels will pop. And you will have a big bowl of fresh warm popcorn within 5 minutes. Officially, this recipe will make 2 portions. OFFICIALLY. I may still have eaten it all by myself a few times. So don’t feel bad if you end up doing that too.

The beauty is, popcorn is low in calories and actually one of the better (dare I say healthier?) snacks you can go for. Without further ado, let’s go for it!


Ingredients the best stovetop popcorn by a hopeful home.

All you will need for this recipe is 1 heaping tablespoon of coconut oil and 60 grams of popcorn kernels.

And of course, the rest completely depends on the popcorn flavour you choose. If you are going for salty popcorn, you’ll need 1/2-1 teaspoon of salt. It depends on how salty you like your popcorn to be. I usually use just under a teaspoon. But head to the end of the post to find links to other flavouring ideas!

Now, if you are in the UK, you might be like: ok so… popcorn kernels, where do I get them? They are nowhere to be found in the Lidl, Aldi, or even in my local farm shop.

Three options that I’m aware of are: Tesco, Grapetree, or even Amazon. Once you get your hands on a big bag of them, it will last you quite a while!

Tool wise, you will need a larger saucepan with a lid and a big bowl. You’ll want the saucepan to be big enough to allow the popcorn to breathe and expand. If you choose a saucepan that’s too small, the popcorn might end up burning because it can’t move around!

Put the saucepan on the stove on a medium high heat and add the olive oil to the pan. Once it’s melted a bit, add three of the popcorn kernels. Once all three have popped, you’ll know that the oil is hot enough to use. Do make sure to put a lid on the saucepan at all times.

When that has happened, add the rest of the popcorn kernels and give the saucepan a good shake. You want the popcorn kernels to be divided evenly.

After this, you’ll want to stay around and give the saucepan a shake now and then. Especially once the popcorn starts to pop. This will ensure that nothing burns.

After a couple of minutes, the popping will stop or there will be a pop only once every half a minute or so. This is your cue to get the saucepan off the stove asap and to give it one last shake!

If you are going for salty popcorn. You’ll want to put the popcorn in a big bowl straight away and sprinkle the salt on top. Do make sure to turn the popcorn over while you do that to get the salt divided nicely.

That, my friends, is all there is to it. You have successfully prepared your very own stovetop popcorn. And now, the fun part begins! How will you flavour it?

These recipes might give you some ideas:

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