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Minimalist Easter Decor: DIY Wire Bunny Ears

Looking for a minimalist Easter decoration idea? Then have a go at these DIY wire bunny ears. They’ll make your Easter eggs look adorable!

Main image DIY wire bunny ears by A Hopeful Home.

Hey Friends!

It’s only a week before it’s Easter. I fondly remember the fun Easter egg hunts that my parents would set up for me and my siblings. And the gorgeous Easter brunch that my mum would prepare with a lot of love and care.

Back then. Good Friday and Easter were just about the chocolate eggs and the little stories that my teacher would tell me in class, in my Catholic school. Now I know not only in my mind but also in my heart, that those little stories weren’t just little stories. They were about me.

Jesus Christ died for me on Good Friday so that I could be forgiven for my sins. And He is risen, risen indeed.

So, why the eggs and the Easter bunny with Easter then? It all goes back to the fact that they symbolise fertility, new life, and rebirth. As you find those hidden eggs. They represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection.


First display example of DIY wire bunny ears by a Hopeful Home.
Second example of DIY wire bunny ears by a Hopeful Home.

I felt like doing some fun Easter themed posts. My sister in law shared a delicious recipe for Simnel Cake last Wednesday. Next Wednesday I’ll be sharing a recipe for sourdough hot cross buns. Today I’ll be sharing a DIY for wire bunny ears. They are inspired by this Pinterest post.

I love how elegant, simple, and cheap they are! It’s paying attention to these little details that makes a meal or an experience feel extra special.

To make these wire bunny ears, you will need florist or craft wire. I bought this wire on Amazon.

To start, use scissors to cut 3 pieces of wire of 14 cm long and 2 pieces of 10 cm long. Fold one of the 14 cm pieces into a circle (I used a milk lid for this, the type you get on plastic jugs of milk). Then tie the ends of the circle together by rotating them a few times.

Individual pieces wire bunny ears by a Hopeful Home.

Next, get the other pieces of wire and bend each in the shape of a bunny ear. I used the handle of a wooden spoon for this. Gently bend the middle of a piece of wire around the handle until the ends of the wire touch.

After that, bend the last 1,5-2 cm of each bunny ear around a pen to make a little hook. Fold it a bit further by hand after (see picture).

Next, wrap the smaller ears around the round circle of wire. Wrap the ends of the smaller ears on the inside of the ears (see picture for example). Keep a space of 3 cm between the smaller ears.

Wrap them tight because otherwise it will be hard to keep them upright. Don’t worry about things getting a bit crooked in the process. You can always fix this once you’ve attached everything.

After, repeat this process for the bigger ears. Here make sure though to wrap the ends of the bigger ears on the outside of the ears (because the smaller ears will be on the inside).

Once everything is attached, you can use the scissors to cut those extra bits of wire off.

And that my friends is all there is to it! You can make as many as you want. One roll of wire will allow you to make a. lot. If you struggle at first to balance the bunny ears on the eggs. Don’t worry, I totally had that too. But once you get the angle right, it will look so adorable!

If you have kids, please do be aware that the ends of the wire could be a bit sharp.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial and do make sure to tune in next Wednesday. I’ll be sharing a recipe for sourdough hot cross buns.

Also, if you plan to create an Easter tree do make sure to have a look at my minimalist Easter tree idea from last year.

Much love,