What I, a Dutch-ie Living in Wales, Think of Brexit

On the 31st of January 2020 it finally happened: The United Kingdom left the European Union. I remember one specific day in 2016 when I was an au pair. I had never been in the UK before, so to become an au pair in Wales was a fantastic experience for me. The parents of the au pair family were very chatty and busy that particular day. They were even phoning people about what they had heard on the news: The majority of the people in the UK had voted to leave the EU. Read on to find out what I think of Brexit.

I remember thinking: Boy, this seems to be something very big and important for the UK. I didn’t pay much more attention to it, because I, as a Dutch citizen, thought that it wouldn’t have much of an impact on me. And I had my au pair tasks to focus on. Little did I know that I, not long after that day, would meet my now husband. A Welshman.

So… what do I think of the Brexit then?

I am a Dutch woman who fell in love with a Welsh man. Quite early in our courtship, I envisioned our future being in Wales. During my time as an au pair I hadn’t only fallen in love with Nathan, but also with Wales. Its stunning nature, its culture and its people.

When a colleague on the 31st of January told me all about what she thought of the Brexit, I realized that I hadn’t really allowed myself to think about it too much. The idea of our future here being jeopardized makes me nervous. It makes me feel insecure. I am glad that I have received my pre-settled status and that the process of applying for it went very smooth. The status gives me a bit of security to hold on to, but of course I wonder what the future holds.

I’m aware, however, that everyone in the UK doesn’t know what to expect either. We are all in the same boat, but in different ways. I hope for the UK that things will work out. I hope that the UK will prosper and that it will never have to look back at the Brexit with regret.

Much love,

Some additional information

Are you in the same situation as me and do you need to apply for a pre-settled status or a settled status? Find more information about it here.

It is possible to apply for your status on your mobile phone via the EU Exit: ID Document Check. See the app for Android phone and Iphone. However, some people, like me, have problems doing this! Are you having trouble with it too? Then you’ll need one of the newer mobile phones since they are able to read the chip in your passport. If it doesn’t work on your phone it may mean that your phone is ‘too old’. I borrowed one of my friends phones to solve this! Once I managed to access the app it was sorted in less than 20 minutes. I received confirmation of my pre-settled status two days later.