Update From the Wybrnant Valley: Changing Scene

Last week Nathan and I headed towards Betws-Y-Coed to post some mail that had been building up. After having visited the post office we decided to use this opportunity to have our daily exercise.

If you haven’t been to Betws-Y-Coed before, it’s a beautiful village. It has a lot of walking routes, cute shops and restaurants. I am sure that, if it wasn’t for the Corona virus, it would have been very busy by now. So when we headed on our little walk past the waterfalls onto the wooden path it was strange (and good in a funny way) to see it so quiet. We came across one cyclist and that was it.

At the end of the walking route we stuck our feet into the water. It’s an area where you usually see a lot of families playing. It was aerie to see it this quiet, but also quite nice. It was a little privilege to see such a beautiful place in such a quiet state. Even though it was nice for now, I sure hope that it will soon be possible for everyone to enjoy beautiful places like this again.

Much love,

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  1. Penny says:

    I love your blog and Instagram posts, Jenna. The Instagram story with the sheep in the garden was delightful. Sending you warm wishes from my hopeful home to yours.

    1. Penny, thank you so much!! I am afraid the farmer has moved the sheep to fields further away from us now. I am going to miss those goofs! Congratulations on the birth of sweet Elijah. We were so happy and relieved to hear that both Kate and the baby were safe and sound. Warm wishes 🙂

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