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Homemade Sourdough Pizza Dough

If you enjoy sourdough pizza but haven’t yet found a sourdough pizza dough recipe that works for you. Then this recipe will be a game changer.

Main image sourdough pizza dough recipe by A Hopeful Home.

When we have a ‘lets treat ourselves’ evening, I usually love to go for (or rather order in these days) a curry, sushi, or a pizza. I know this is not going to sound very healthy but, during this past year, Dominos was our go to place for easy dinners. For a few months it was even a weekly thing.

Take away isn’t the healthiest option and it actually doesn’t always taste the best. So we have developed the habit to make a homemade curry instead of Dwbis curry. My husband makes a brilliant curry and we do love some homemade naan bread with it. We will make homemade sushi together someday. And lately we have started making homemade pizza.

There’s something so… wholesome about a homemade pizza. You can customise it however you like and the flavour of a fresh homemade pizza beats a Dominos pizza any day. For me it does anyway. O, and not to forget, it’s also so much fun to make to decorate the pizza.

For a long time I used a recipe from BBC good foods for the pizza dough. But this recipe would be a bit of a hit and miss. The one time it would be a success. The other time it would be a bit too dry and firm. So I kept on searching until I found the recipe from ‘An Italian in my Kitchen’. This recipe and her tips are brilliant for a regular pizza dough!

Sourdough pizza finished closeup. Sourdough pizza dough by a Hopeful Home.

But you know me… I love to find and test new ways to use my sourdough starter. So I once again used Farmhouse on Boone’s brilliant article which explains how to convert any recipe into a sourdough recipe.

The recipe I came up with fits well into my weekend routine for making sourdough bread. On Fridays I take my starter from the fridge and feed it in the morning and evening to prepare it for the Saturday (that’s when I like to make my sourdough bread). But after the Friday morning feed I have to discard quite a bit of starter for its next feed. This recipe uses that discard starter and makes Fridays officially a pizza night for us!

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Sourdough pizza finished. Sourdough pizza dough recipe by A Hopeful Home.

1. The very first step is to wake up the sourdough starter in the morning (or just to feed it if you
keep yours outside of the fridge). The exact amounts are mentioned in the printable at the end
of this post.

– Take the sourdough starter from the fridge (if you store it in there) and discard any excess
starter to make sure there is only a couple of tablespoons of it left.
– Add white bread flour and lukewarm water. Then mix it with a fork.
– Once mixed, close the lid of your storage jar/container and put it in a draft free and if possible
warm spot. I like to put mine in front of our East facing windows.
– It depends on your specific sourdough starter but mine is ready to be used (and at its peak)
around 5-6 hours after feeding it.

2. The second step is to add the active sourdough starter and water to a medium bowl. Mix that
fully with your hands. Then add the oil, two types of flour, and salt. I like to start mixing it with
a dough whisk and once everything is mixed well I use the stretch and fold method. This video
explains what that is.

3. Before you use the stretch and fold method make sure to put the dough in a well oiled
bowl. It’s very important that it’s oiled because if you don’t do this the dough will develop a
hard crust after a while (I speak from experience). After that initial stretch and fold, repeat it
three more times with half an hour rising time between each turn. When the dough is
rising, make sure to cover the bowl with either a damp tea towel or cling film.

4. After the last half an hour rising time, the dough will have roughly doubled in size (If it
hasn’t yet, your room may be too cold. Give it a bit more time). Divide the dough into the
amount of pizzas you’d like to make with it. I usually divide it into 4 to make 4 medium
sized pizzas. And shape them into tight balls with the seems pinched together at the bottom.
Then put them on an oiled kitchen counter and cover them with cling film.

5. Let it rest for about an hour. It will increase in size again.

6. Preheat the oven at 230 Celsius.

7. When you prepare the pieces of dough for baking, place them on the middle of the pizza
trays (or whatever you use to bake the pizzas on) and press them into the desired shape
by hand.

8. Top them with your favourite pizza toppings (except for the cheese) and bake for
approximately 15-20 minutes. Add the cheese and bake for around 3 more minutes (until the
cheese is nice and golden brown). Bon appetit!

Main image sourdough pizza dough recipe by A Hopeful Home.

Homemade Sourdough Pizza Dough

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