As the Seasons Change

The weather is getting more frosty so it is finally time to accept that summer is over. As the seasons change there are little traditions and ways that I like to keep to mark the change.

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The season is definitely changing! As the weather is getting more frosty it is finally time to accept that summer is over. As the matter of fact, we may have had our first frost this morning. Amazingly enough, the change in weather coincided very much with the official start of autumn this year. That’s Genesis 8:22 and Psalm 104:19 manifested for us right there. I love it.

I have mentioned this before but I am all about keeping little traditions and ways to mark the changing seasons. It makes me more aware of the change in seasons and the beauty they bring, more present, and more grateful.

One of my little ways to mark the changing seasons is to make a conscious effort of changing my wardrobe around. When I do, I go through my clothes, shoes, and accessories and take the items aside that are typical for summer (or winter, when it’s Spring).

Then I take a moment to see if I’ve worn the items a lot in the previous seasons. If I haven’t then it is a clue for me that it may be time to let the item go and donate it to our local charity shop.

I also make sure to wash them all even though I will re-wash them when I unpack them in Spring. This is a bit of a mammoth task but I like the idea of them being all fresh and clean in storage. It also gives me the opportunity to see if there are any marks on the clothes that could do with some extra care. Or some damage that needs mending.

The same level of care goes into the unpacking of the winter clothes. I love unpacking seasonal clothes. It always feels like I’m given a whole new and extra wardrobe! It makes me feel appreciation and gratefulness for the items and for the things God has blessed me with.

As I pack away my cheap leather sandals that I bought in Barcelona almost a decade ago (how have they lasted this long?!). My dads discoloured but much loved fishing cap. And my latest second hand linen additions to my wardrobe. I can’t help but reflect on the past seasons.

Homegrown Elephant Garlic

On the first (elephant) garlic that I grew only to find out when wanting to use a clove that it never developed cloves. If you are a newbie gardener like me (read my previous gardening diary post here) and haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about. Apparently garlic doesn’t always develop cloves. This either happens when the weather hasn’t been cold enough in winter. Or when you’ve harvested a bit too early. I have a feeling the latter may have happened with me. Oops!

On the times we went for dinnertime walks on the country lanes around Nathans childhood home. It’s quieter around dinnertime. We witnessed the sun cast a golden hue to the hills and felt the dappled sunlight warm our faces while the air slowly turned cooler.

On the experience of smelling and tasting our first homegrown tomato. To be able to taste the fruits after our patient and intense care for them was so satisfying!

On our delightful three (yes I know, not very often but still very special each time) visits to the beach. Especially that one afternoon that Nathan and I decided to go to the beach spontaneously. There were only ten or so people on this long stretch of beach and I was in awe as I felt the bubbly sand between my toes. We floated for as long as we desired and felt our stress and worries ebb away with each wave.

Yes. It was a good spring and summer. And now it is time to embrace autumn and winter. Until recently, I always used to say that autumn is my favourite season. Spring came a close second and winter definitely ranked higher when it actually snowed. But now I am very much developing a deep appreciation for each of the seasons.

What are your favourite ways to mark the change in seasons? And what are your favourite memories or experiences of this past summer?

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  1. Sian Munday says:

    Great blog post Jenna!I love every season and enjoy each one as it comes!!

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