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April 2021 Vintage Homeware Restock

It is time for our April 2021 vintage homeware restock! In the webshop you’ll find vintage and second hand farmhouse style items.

April 2021 Vintage Homeware Restock.

Hello lovely friends,

Can I just say that this past month has absolutely flown?! It feels like I only just posted last week about the March restock. But it is already time to add some new items and I truly adore the items that I’ve picked for this month.

I know that I tend to say that every month and it may start to sound a bit like a broken record. But it’s true!

I add new items to the webshop once a month and each time there are 10 items that I’ve carefully handpicked for you. The amount of items may increase someday but for now, especially with the pandemic and with my part-time job, I feel like this is the perfect amount. As I always say: quality over quantity.

After a lot of thinking and asking your opinion on Instagram, I’ve finally decided to create a separate Instagram page for the webshop.

Over time I started to notice that I found it tricky to merge the blog and webshop content. It felt like I was trying to address 2 different audiences on one page and it just didn’t allow me the space to fully dive into the vintage homeware content.

And I tell you friends… as I was creating that separate page, things started to fall into place for me. It may be because I enjoy compartmentalising things but it started to make sense to me and I hope it will for you too.

So if you are interested in the vintage homeware do make sure to follow the new Instagram page. I’ll be sharing restocks, highlighting individual items, and show a little bit more about what’s happening behind the screens.

But don’t worry if you just want to follow the Instagram page for the blog, I will still let you know about restocks on there as well.

Without further ado, lets have a look at the restock video. I hope you’ll like the items as much as I do!