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5 Straightforward Recipes to Bake

Featured image. 5 Straightforward Recipes to Bake by a Hopeful Home.

I don’t know about you, but shopping nowadays makes me quite edgy. It’s not the supermarket itself. The Aldi we always go to has adapted to the new situation very well. It’s the limited time you get in the shop, the non-ability to turn back if you forgot something and the having to be aware of not spreading or receiving the Corona virus.

Usually, I am a huge fan of meal planning. I talked about the planning method that makes it possible for me to shop only once every two weeks before. The current situation, however, doesn’t make it doable to search for very specific ingredients. It’s now all about those basic ingredients that I can get my hands on and improvising meals at home. Read on to find my selection of 5 straightforward recipes to bake!

Basic ingredients

When I pick protein sources for dinner I usually go for chicken breast, minced beef, and fish from the freezer. Next to that I always love to have a well-stocked pantry when it comes to baking supplies. Since you never know when you want to bake! 

So I have dedicated four blog posts to easy lockdown meals. The first three were dedicated to, you probably guessed it, chicken breast, minced beef, and fish. This fourth blog post will be about five easy things to bake at home. I have been very strict in picking the recipes and wanted to make sure that the ingredients would be very simple. As an enthusiast Aldi shopper, I wanted to make sure that the ingredients could either be found in the Aldi or be made at home.

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5 Straightforward Recipes to Bake

Chocolate chip mug cake. 5 Straightforward Recipes to Bake by a Hopeful Home.

Chocolate chip mug cake

I have to be honest and say that I can’t remember how I found this recipe, but I have been using it for years. It’s so easy to make. Within five minutes you will have a delicious snack waiting for you! It gives you that craving fix when you need it. I have allowed myself to play around with the recipe. My favourite variation of this recipe is to add little marshmallows on top!

Find the chocolate chip mug cake recipe here.

five easy lockdown things to bake coffee and walnut cake

Coffee & walnut cake

I believe I tasted this for the first time when my sister in law made it. My mind was blown. It’s so delicious!

Find the coffee & walnut cake recipe here.

Banana bread. 5 Straightforward Recipes to Bake by a Hopeful Home.

Banana bread

This banana bread is very tasty and a great way to make sure that you don’t waste any bananas! It makes two banana breads so I usually freeze one of the two.

Find the banana bread recipe here.

Homemade white bread. 5 Straightforward Recipes to Bake by a Hopeful Home.

A simple white loaf recipe for beginners

Of course, I had to include my own white bread recipe! I love this recipe. It’s foolproof and there is something about fresh bread on the table… Also during these days when you run out of bread, making your own bread might even be a necessity!

Find the white bread recipe here.

five easy lockdown things to bake chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

The Pioneer Woman says that you can make this recipe in less than 30 minutes and it’s true! I have made it many times before and it is usually done in a jiffy. I always leave the coffee granules and the flax seed out and the cookies still taste very good.

The recipe makes quite a lot of cookies so there are two options. Either you leave the dough in the fridge and use it up within a couple of days (I believe four days is the maximum?) or you can freeze it! If you decide to freeze it, I recommend freezing it in pre-measured cookie portions. When you feel like a cookie you can take as many frozen dough balls out of the freezer as you like. Put them on a baking tray and put it in the oven. It will take about 10 minutes longer to bake them? Perfect for a quick fix!

Find the chocolate chip cookies recipe here.

There you have it, 5 straightforward recipes to bake. That’s it, the end of the lockdown meal series. I created this series in the hope to be able to help someone during this strange time in my own little way. If there is anything (a website or an app for example) you can think of that could help me or any of my readers to get inspired for cooking, make sure to share it in the comments! Stay safe everyone.

Much love,

P.s. If you need more inspiration, make sure to check Yummly. It’s a great website and app where you can just fill in an ingredient (or several) and it will search for recipes with those in it!