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5 Straightforward Fish Dinners

Featured image. 5 Straightforward Fish Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

I don’t know about you, but shopping nowadays makes me quite edgy. It’s not the supermarket itself. The Aldi we always go to has adapted to the new situation very well. It’s the limited time you get in the shop, the non-ability to turn back if you forgot something, and having to be aware of not spreading or receiving the Coronavirus.

Usually, I am a huge fan of meal planning. I talked about the planning method that makes it possible for me to shop only once every two weeks before. The current situation, however, doesn’t make it doable to search for very specific ingredients. It’s now all about those basic ingredients that I can get my hands on and improvising meals at home. Read on to find 5 straightforward fish dinners.

Basic ingredients

When I pick protein sources for dinner I usually go for chicken breast, minced beef and fish from the freezer. Next to that I always love to have a well stocked pantry when it comes to baking supplies. Since you never know when you want to bake!

So I will be dedicating four blog posts to easy lockdown meals. The first three blogposts will be dedicated to, you probably guessed it, chicken breast, minced beef, and fish. The fourth blog post will be about 5 easy things to bake at home.

I have been very strict when picking the recipes and wanted to make sure that the ingredients would be very simple. As an enthusiast Aldi shopper, I wanted to make sure that the ingredients are to be found in the Aldi or can be made at home. So when I talk about fish here, I am not talking about the fancy type of fresh fish. I am talking bass, haddock, fish fingers, salmon. The type that you can find in the freezer section of the Aldi 🙂

Find the post on 5 straightforward chicken breast dinners here.
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5 Straightforward Fish Dinners

Fish stick and pasta casserole. 5 Straightforward Fish Dinners by a Hopeful Home.

Fish stick and pasta casserole

When I saw this recipe for the first time I thought: wait what, are those literally fish sticks on top?! Yes, yes they are and it works brilliantly with this dish!

Find the fish and pasta casserole recipe here.

five easy meals with fish pasta gratin with leftover fish and spinach

Pasta gratin with leftover fish and spinach

This is a great recipe to put your leftover fish in. A little tip: we usually keep spinach in the freezer. That way we always have spinach for smoothies and for dishes like this where the texture of the spinach doesn’t matter! And again the recipe asks for farfalle, but I believe you can use any type of pasta you have on hand.

Find the pasta gratin recipe here.

five easy meals with fish smoked haddock showder

Smoked haddock showder

This o this is one of those meals that will make you feel all warm inside when eating it! Have you ever had the smoked haddock from the freezer section in the Aldi? It’s delicious. There is SO much flavour to it. It will work great in this dish.

Find the smoked haddock chowder recipe here.

Fish cakes. 5 Straightforward Fish Dinners by a Hopeful Home.


I never made fishcakes until a few weeks ago and I was gobsmacked by how easy it was to make. I could have eaten two of them if I hadn’t dropped one next to the stove in the valley of doom (the area between our stove and fridge). That moment was a sad moment. The recipe asks for panko breadcrumbs, which is supposed to be of a lighter texture, but I used golden breadcrumbs and that worked out fine!

Find the fishcakes recipe here.

five easy meals with fish fish pie

Fish pie

Do you remember the shepherd’s pie recipe in the five easy meals with minced beef from last Monday? If you do then I am sure you might not be surprised to see the fish pie recipe appearing in this post! It is again one of those brilliant dishes in which you can put all sorts of vegetables. Great for finishing up those vegetables that are about to go off.

Find the fish pie recipe here.

There you have it, 5 straightforward dinners with fish! Searching for these recipes inspired me and I sure hope they will inspire you too. Make sure to tune in on Friday for 5 easy things to bake!

Much love,

P.s. If you need more inspiration, make sure to check Yummly. It’s a great website and app where you can fill in an ingredient (or several) and it will search for recipes with those in it!

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