Growing in faith in a season of waiting

featured image growing in faith

It took a long time, but the globe thistles in our garden are finally coming to life, and it looks so magical! Patiently waiting for the globe thistles to grow, and finally seeing the beautiful results reminded me that good things come to those who wait (Lamentations 3:25-27). Sometimes things in your life don’t seem to move forward, you’re in a season of waiting. You wonder what comes next and become impatient and anxious. This is where faith comes in. With the globe thistles I knew that they would bloom eventually. There was no doubt about it, and I was aware that all I had to do was wait. My hope and aim is to be like this in all aspects of life.

Nathan and I have been reading ‘The Message Of Ruth’ by David Atkinson together, and it has been brilliant thus far. There are some quotes from that book that I really wanted to share with you.

‘In the hard times, faith will sometimes mean leaving unanswered difficulties in the hands of God. Such faith will be strengthened by keeping in front of our minds the ways God has helped us in the past’

David Atkinson, The Message of Ruth, p. 39

Are you trying to find answers and solutions, while you are secretly aware that all you can do is wait? Are you struggling to have faith that all will be well, and is it affecting that sense of peace that only God can give? This is your chance to grow in faith. This is your opportunity to look back and remember all of the things that God has done for you.

‘Faith is a journey of trust and growth; it is a moving mobile, not a still life’

David Atkinson, The Message of Ruth, p. 40

Leave tomorrow’s worries, challenges and uncertainties in God’s hands and focus on how you can honour Him today. Trust that He will provide and will give you strength and wisdom for the things to come.

I hope you are keeping well and safe during these uncertain times.

Much love,