Our local egg farmer

On our way to church we always pass a big field with tons and tons of chickens. It is always fun to see these happy and healthy chickens clucking around. Right next to the field, there is a little parking lot with this old milk float (at least we think it is an old milk float, let me know in the comments if you know otherwise!). It always intrigued us and two months ago we finally decided to stop and have a look.

eggs local egg farmer

On the back of the old milk float there were beautiful fresh eggs staring at us and a lot of seedlings of tomatoes, courgette, you name it. If you pay a little bit of cash into a box there, you can pick your very own eggs or take some seedlings. You’ll have the choice between dark brown eggs, white eggs and pale green eggs. We took some eggs home and boy… did they taste wonderful! Since then, every time we run out of eggs, we visit that cute little milk float to stock up. The eggs there are so popular, that there won’t be any left if you arrive there too late in the day! We are even thinking of gifting these eggs to our friends and family in the South when we get the chance to see them again.

Thank you local egg farmer, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to supermarket eggs!